Latest Whatsapp Group Links Join 2020 [Submit, Join Active Whatsapp Groups]

Whatsapp is a popular messenger app available for Android & iOS. Whatsapp offers lots of features on its platform. That’s the reason, it becomes famous all over the world. Whatsapp Group Link is a feature where Whatsapp allows people to create their own group and join any Whatsapp Group through the invite link.

In this post, we share the best Whatsapp Group link collection by lots of amazing categories. Lots of people or Whatsapp users search for the active Whatsapp group each day for entertainment or educational purpose. If you find some specific Whatsapp group then welcome to the page.

People are love to create lots of groups and add their friends. Then that send and receive posts, text, and files. Also, we want to join the best Whatsapp group and share our content with others.

Here we share almost all types of groups link. If you are unable to find something then comment on us. Also, if you are a group admin then you can share your group invite links with us. We will put your links on our site. So, you can get the targeted members of your group. Let’s join the group.

What is Whatsapp Group?

Whatsapp Group is the best and easy way to share your content like Photos, Images, or anything and communicate with the whole members within a seconds. You can join any Whatsapp group by the invite link and also you can be the admin of your group.

Over 5 million Whatsapp users use Whatsapp daily. Our friends, family connect with each other by the Whatsapp messenger app. Also, we want to join the Whatsapp group and creating a group. Groups are very flexible and easy to share any image, videos.

Now, if you looking to join any Whatsapp group then we share with you the best Whastapp group link to join.

How to Join Whatsapp Group Link?

Whatsapp Group Link

Join any of the Whatsapp group is not so easy. You need the invite link of the particular Whatsapp group then you are able to join in your Whatsapp Group. Otherwise, the group admin can only add you.

Don’t worry, here I bring lots of new and active Whatsapp groups with different categories. So you can easily choose your favorite Whastapp group and join easily. Just follow these steps.

  1. First, find your favorite Whastapp Group and click on it.
  2. It will automatically redirect to your WhatsApp account.
  3. Now, select the Whastapp application.
  4. You will see the “join button”.
  5. Click the Join Button and then you can easily join the Whastapp Group.

These are the five steps to join your favorite Whatsapp Group. Now, the time is for showing the best Whatsapp Group to joining. Let’s start.

1) PUBG Mobile Whatsapp Group Links

PUBG Whatsapp Group Link

PUBG game is a trending game and most popular all over the world. And if you like to play this game and want to know the tricks, tips, and play the tournaments then you can join the PUBG Mobile Whatsapp group. All the group members will help you to play PUBG like a pro. Here are the PUBG games group link to join.


More PUBG Group Invite Links [Click Here]

[Note: Make sure that Whatsapp Group contains only 257 members. So, you may unable to join because of the limitations. However, we update the page and add more group invite links and we recommend you to click the “Green Button” to get more and more Group Links to join easily.]

2) Hot Girls Whatsapp Group Links

Hot Girls Whatsapp Group Link

Hot Girls and American Girls Whatsapp groups are designed for the 18+ boys and girls. On these groups, they share hot images, videos. If you want to make friends and make fun and entertainment then you can join the group. We find the best Hot and Sexy Girls group link, so you can easily join the group without any hassle.

Hot GirlsJoin Link
Girls Whatsapp NoJoin Link
Indian girls groupJoin Link
Adult Girls and BoysJoin Link
Only Talk For GirlsJoin Link
Girls and boys groupJoin Link
Cute girlsJoin Link
Telugu girls onlyJoin Link
College GirlsJoin Link
Only girls no boyzJoin Link
Only girls chatJoin Link
Desi Girls GroupJoin Link
Call girlsJoin Link
Video chat with girlsJoin Link
P*** lover Indian girlsJoin Link
Girls party timeJoin Link
Girls Chat DatingJoin Link
Only Desi GirlsJoin Link
Desi girls IndiaJoin Link
Sexy girls NumberJoin Link
Girls DatingJoin Link
Girls GroupJoin Link
Only girls PakistanJoin Link
Bangladeshi GirlsJoin Link
Boys n girls storyJoin Link
only girls no boysJoin Link

More Girls Whatsapp Group [Click Here]

3) Funny Whatsapp Group Links

Funny Whatsapp Group Link

Some people want to get Funny Meme, funny images, short funny videos, messages to fun with each other. When you join the below groups, you get lots of trending funny memes, images, and videos. Also, you can share your funny experience and moments with the group members. These groups made for the people who engage with funny jokes, memes, and messages. So, if you find some fun groups then click the link and join the Whatsapp group to make fun.

More Funny Group Invite Links [Click Here]

4) Entertainment Whatsapp Group Links

Entertainment Whatsapp Group Link

Entertainment is the most dependable thing for every people. We watch tv, play Indore and outdoor games., watch movies for entertainment purposes. So, Entertainment WhatsApp groups made for the people who want to get entertainment content like the latest movie names, popular games, images, and more. If you want to join the click the invite link below and enjoy.

More Entertainment Whatsapp Group Link [Click Here]

5) Education Whatsapp Group Links

Education Whatsapp Group Link

Education Whatsapp group designed especially for the students and education lovers. Here you get Math, English, and other subjects teacher and they will help you by giving the best answer to your question. If you are a college student or study for jobs then you should join the group. Because of this, you can get the current affairs GK knowledge and educational material. It will help you to grow your knowledge and success.

6) Ludo Play Whatsapp Group Links

Ludo Whatsapp Group Link

Ludo is all-time indoor games and people are love to play Ludo with friends and family members. During the lockdown, the Ludo game app going more popular and users actively play the game for passing time at home. If you love to play Ludo game and make money to play the Ludo tournaments then join the group. The group is designed for Ludo gamers and Ludo lovers. If you find the best active Ludo Whatsapp group then join the group and showing your gaming skill.

Ludo King For RealGroup Link
Betting in LudoGroup Link
Ludo King bettingGroup Link
 Winner Ludo KingGroup Link
Ludo cash winGroup Link
Trusted ludo kingGroup Link
Play Ludo & Earn MoneyGroup Link
Only Ludo BettingGroup Link
Royal Ludo PlayGroup Link
Play Ludo with FriendsGroup Link
ludo king win cashGroup Link
Ludo EarningGroup Link
Ludo king tournamentGroup Link
Play Ludo Earn PaytmGroup Link
Ludo SpecialistGroup Link
Ludo king playGroup Link

7) Love and Romance Whatsapp Group Links

Love Whatsapp Group Link

Love is a great feeling and it can feel who is in a relationship. Now, the young generation wants to make girlfriends and boyfriends for romance and future partners. If you are in a relationship and impress your partner then you can join the group. Here you get to know love Shayari, images, and quotes to impress. If you really want to join Love and Romance Whatsapp group then we bring lots of group invite links for you. It will help you to join the group one click.

8) Job Whatsapp Group Links

Job Whatsapp Group Link

Job Group specially designed for the freshers who find the job for the carrier and make money. Here the group members post new job offers and government jobs. You can get jobs state-wise and it will help you to get the job. So, if you looking for active job Groups then you can easily join the group. We find with a lot of hard work and you can easily join by clicking the invite link.

9) Tamil Whatsapp Group Links

Tamil Whatsapp Group Link

If you belong from south India and want to join Tamil Group then you can join the group. Here you get the news of the latest Tamil movies and leaks. Also, you can see Tamil actress sexy photos and actor photos. Here you make Tamil friends and share your thoughts on the group. Here we share lots of Tamil group links.

Tamil boysJoin
Tamil trolls YT channelJoin
Funny Comedy TamilJoin
Tamil movies downloadJoin
Tamil HD ReleaseJoin
Tamil girlsJoin
Only Tamil GirlsJoin
Tamil TiktokJoin
Tamil status KingJoin
Tamil Tech ZoneJoin
Tamil friendsJoin
Tamil Movies OnlineJoin
Tamil ActressJoin
Job alert TamilJoin
Tamil Hot GirlJoin
Tamil boysJoin

10) Dubai Whatsapp Group Links

Dubai Whatsapp Group Link

You want to make Dubai friends and want to join the best Dubai WhatsApp group then click the “Join Link” then you automatically join the group. Also, you can join the group is you belong from Dubai. Now, the group designed for travelers, friends, and jobs in Dubai. If you have the requirements then join the group.

Dubai GroupJoin Link
Dubai boysJoin Link
Travel to DubaiJoin Link
Dubai Arabian FoodJoin Link
Dubai InterviewJoin Link
Big DubaiJoin Link
Dubai United Arab EmiratesJoin Link
Jobs In DubaiJoin Link
Dubai job updatesJoin Link
Friends in DubaiJoin Link

11) Online Earning Whatsapp Group Links

Online Earning Whatsapp Group Link

Online Earning is the best way to make money. During Lockdown, lots of people trying to make money online. Here you get lots of ways but you need patients and basic knowledge. Then you can successfully make money. If you are a beginner and want to know the best and genuine ways to make money online then you can join the group. Here the admin and the experienced members help you to grow your business online and you can make a good amount of money online.

12) News Whatsapp Group Links

News Whatsapp Group Link

Mostly we read the newspaper and watch the latest news online and from TV. If you want you to get the latest news articles on your phone then you can join Newsgroups. Here you get all the current news articles from Google News and other treated sources. Here you get to know politics news, technology news, Bollywood news, and more.

13) Tamil Girls Whatsapp Group Links

Tamil Girl Whatsapp Group Link

Lots of young boys want to make Tamil girl’s friends and chat with them. If you want to join the best Tamil Girls Whatsapp group then you can click the invite links here. Once you click, you successfully join the group easily. You can find Tamil Status on Love, Sad, Comedy, and the latest Hot Tamil Girls images. YOu make a video calls on Whatsapp and voice calls also.

14) Science and Technology Whatsapp Group Links

Science and Technology Whatsapp Group Link

Science and Technology are growing rapidly and the scientist makes a new invention to easier our life. Lots of people interested in knowing the latest technology and want to use it. If you are a Tech person and want to know the latest Tech News, the invention then you can join the groups. Here we share the best Technology groups then click on the invite links.

15) Android Apps and Games Whatsapp Group Links

Android App and Games Whatsapp Group Link

In the mobile market, Android is the most used OS and people love to use the OS. Google tries to make it more advanced by updating the OS every year. The main reason for getting popular is helpful Android apps. All the Android users install Android Apps and games from Google Play store and use it actively. If you are an Android app and game lover and want to use the best trending apps then you can join the group. Here you can use and install the best Andoird apps on your Android smartphone.

Team play gamingJoin Link
Gamers Pubg and FreefireJoin Link
Earning apps for freeJoin Link
Application & Game CreateJoin Link
Earning applicationJoin Link
App Life Time EarningJoin Link
App refar codeJoin Link
Refer all appJoin Link
Game only no chatJoin Link
Epic GamersJoin Link
Azora app free earningJoin Link
Unlimited Earning AppsJoin Link
Daily Earning AppsJoin Link
Paytm earning appsJoin Link
New Apps UpdatesJoin Link
Only like app groupJoin Link
Top Paytm earning appsJoin Link
Earning website and appJoin Link
WhatsApp status viewsJoin Link
Hardcore GamerJoin Link
Money earning from appsJoin Link
All GTA GamerJoin Link

16) Movie Whatsapp Group Links

Movie Whatsapp Group Link

Every year lots of movies released from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood. People are love to watch the latest movies and web series. It’s a great entertaining way and we watch movies in our free time. Now, if you are a movie lover and want to know the latest movie’s name and review then you can join the best and active movies Whatsapp group through links. Some of the groups share the direct movie link. So, you can watch the movie by clicking the link. It’s pretty helpful for the movie lover. So, join the group and start watching movies on your mobile device.

17) TikTok Lover Whatsapp Group Links

TikTok Whatsapp Group Link

TikTok is a trending short video app and the young generation boys and girls like to use it. Now, TikTok banned by the Indian government and you can’t use it if you are an Indian. Now, if you want to know the best trending TikTok video and fun with TikTok then you can join the group. The group is made for the TikTok lover. So, if you are a TikTok lover and use the app actively then join the group and make fun.

18) Trending Video Whatsapp Group Links

Trending Video Whatsapp Group Link

Looking for the trending video for Whatsapp status, Facebook, the Instagram story then join the group. In the group, you can only share interesting videos and get the videos. If you like to watch videos then join the group and enjoy the trending short videos.

  • Every Video Group – Link
  • WhatsApp status video – Link
  • Tiktok videos – Link
  • Status Videos – Link
  • Video group – Link
  • Trending Video Group – Link
  • Bigo Live Video Group – Link
  • Sad Video Status – Link
  • funny photos video – Link
  • All Trending Videos – Link
  • Funny video group – Link
  • VMate App Funny Video – Link
  • Masti and Funny Video – Link
  • Best videos – Link
  • TikTok funny video – Link
  • Random Video – Link
  • Just poetry status video – Link
  • Enjoy Videos – Link
  • Tamil Status Video – Link
  • best status video – Link
  • YouTube Videos – Link

19) Photography Whatsapp Group Links

Photography Whatsapp Group Link

You know, Photography is an industry and you can make lots of money. Now, the young boys and girls taking a photo with DSLR and mobile cameras. And then they start editing and share on social media. If you want to know the best Photo editing software and tool then you can join the group. The group is for photography lovers and they get help from the group members. So, join the group and start sharing your photography skill here.

  • Photo Editing – Link
  • PicsArt Edit – Link
  • Only Editors – Link
  • Mobile Photography – Link
  • Only Photo Editing – Link
  • Editing for YouTube – Link
  • Photography Group – Link
  • Photoshoot camera – Link
  • World Of Editing – Link
  • Piki Templates – Link
  • DR Editing – Link
  • Photoshop Tutorial – Link
  • Editz & photographs – Link
  • HD Photos – Link
  • Only Photos and Videos – Link
  • only videos and photos – Link
  • Adobe Photoshop – Link
  • Funny video and photos – Link
  • Art & Photography – Link
  • Director Of Photography – Link
  • Photo edit – Link
  • Photo Editing Shop – Link
  • Photography group – Link
  • Paid Photo editing – Link
  • Only photos – Link

20) Music Whatsapp Group Links

Music Whatsapp Group Link

After movies, Music comes into the best entertaining thing. People love to listen to new movies song and music. There are a lot of music websites available and they share the best music. You can directly play the music and download them for offline listen. So, if you are a music lover then join the active Music Whatsapp group.

  • Music Fans – Link
  • Music total – Link
  • Best Music Song – Link
  • Electronic music World – Link
  • Music Studio – Link
  • Musical world – Link
  • Music Lover – Link
  • Musician – Link
  • YT Music – Link
  • Music Production – Link
  • The biggest music lover – Link
  • Only Music – Link
  • Good Music for All – Link
  • Music Lover’s – Link
  • Let’s share new music – Link
  • Strictly music – Link
  • Fans – Link
  • DJ Songs – Link
  • Electronic music fans – Link

Rules of Joining Whatsapp Group

Joining any of this Whatsapp group is really easy but you need to follow the rule of the group. If you don’t follow the rule or policy of the group then you will be punished by the group admin. However, you can read all the policies of the group. Once you know it, you can easily follow them.

  1. Do not share the illegal content in the group.
  2. Adult content does not support it.
  3. Only share legit images, videos, and other content.
  4. You can’t fight with the group members or misbehave anyone.
  5. Do not share the personal images and videos in the group.

Here we share multiple Whatsapp group categories and each group support different contents. Like, in the funny group, you can share the legit funny images, videos. I hope you understand all the rules of the group.

Download and Install Whatsapp Group Link App

Whatsapp Group Link APK is available in Google Play Store or App Store. You can easily download and install the app. The app contains lots of active Whatsapp group invite links. You can easily join all the groups for free. Now, we also create an app for android. You can easily install the group app and get unlimited Whatsapp group links. Click the button to download the Whatsapp Group Link app.

Install Whatsapp Group Link App from Google Play Store

How to Join Whatsapp Group [Infograph]

If you are unable to join the group by the link then you can follow the infographic. We explain the process to join the group easily.

How to join Whatsapp Group infograph

Submit Your Whatsapp Group Link

If you create a group or you are an admin of any Whatsapp group then you can share your group invite links with other people. That way you can get targeted members on your group. If you want to share then click the button below and put your group details. Then we add the group links on your website. Now, anyone can easily join your group by the link.

Submit Your Group Link

How to Create Whatsapp Group Link?

Creating a Whatsapp Group link or invite link is a very easy job. If you have an active Whatsapp account then you able to create your own Whatsapp group and invite links also. First, open the Whatsapp messenger and tap on menu. Then select the contact you want to invite and then give the name and create the group. Once the group created, go to the group info and create the invite links. Now, you can see a link, copy the link, and share it with your friends. In this way, you can easily create a Whatsapp Group link.

How to join WhatsApp group without admin?

If you, not an admin of any group and want to join a Whatsapp group then you need the group invite links. Look, joining a Whatsapp group is two options. Either the admin can join you or you need the invite links of the group. And the invite links also can create by admin. So, here we share lots of active Whatsapp group links and you can easily join by the links.

How to submit WhatsApp group link?

Here you can submit your Whatsapp group links or your friend's group links. Just click on the Submit button and then you will redirect to another page with a form. Filled the form with the group name, group link, and email. Once you filled, click on submit. In this way, you can submit a Whatsapp group link.

How you can find the best Whatsapp Group Link to join?

Finding the best Whatsapp group link is not an easy task. You need to find it. Now, we doing this hard job for you and find lots of active amazing Whatsapp group invite links. We also categorize all the groups like Entertainment, Love, Funny, Sad, Education, Tamil Girls, PUBG Groups, and more. Each group keeps lots of group invite links that you can easily join by click on it.


Whatsapp is one of the most active user base messenger. We love to use Whatsapp and share the images, videos, and other documents on the Whatsapp Group. So, you can easily create a group and join by invite links. Here we bring the best group link collection.

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Now, I want to hear from you. Which group you want to join. Let me know in the comment below. Lastly thanks for visiting.